Painting and Prayer

November 28, 2011

We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers and sisters, about the troubles we experienced in the province of Asia. We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired of life itself. Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.

2 Corinthians 1:8-9

God, as much as we like to say that you don’t give us anything we can’t handle, it feels like you do that all the time. In fact, what we know is that you don’t give us anything you can’t handle. We pray that you will remind Mia of that, especially as the days get shorter and busier with the coming of Christmas. On nights when she gets almost no sleep, give her your strength. On days when she doesn’t know what to do, give her your wisdom. You are the one who can handle anything, and we’d best not forget it. Amen.

Painting and Prayer

November 22, 2011

Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.
Psalm 95:2

I will give thanks to the Lord for you are good.
I will give thanks to the Lord for you are merciful.
I will give thanks to the Lord for you are good.
You have been good all of my days, and I will give you praise.

Painting and Prayer

September 19, 2011

Now may the Lord’s strength be displayed, just as you have declared.
Numbers 14:17

God we pray for the children in Romania and elsewhere who, because they do not have papers, cannot attend school or access special services. Please give Mia’s Children the resources to educate them. Give them a deep assurance of their identity in you as they wait for the state to acknowledge them. Amen

“He’s Unlimited!”

November 5, 2010

Petre (Peter) about 10 years ago

Petre (Peter) now, on his way to study cooking in Germany

Mia sends along this update:

Peter is in Germany and he sends you all his love. He works hard to find new things for his work, cooking.

The kids are great. They study hard, work hard. Some of the kids have coldness, but it’s normal for this period of time. Mario went to the hospital again, but right now he’s out of danger, praise the Lord!

The new building it’s finished outside and mostly inside. The owner ordered also bunk-beds for 32 children, wardrobe for all the kids. We’ll have to purches many items basic necessary for the new place. God is so, so good! He’s unlimited!

We should also pray for Mia’s health. She is in physical therapy for her spine and is seeking out some medical opinions on how to proceed.

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Mia’s Children and Human Trafficking in Romania

October 26, 2010

When girls live life out on the street, what risks do they face?

Along with well known threats like drugs and alcohol, crime, physical abuse and health problems, girls out on the street are at high risk of being trafficked.

Human trafficking generally occurs when someone – usually a female or a child or both – is forced into the sex trade by a person able to manipulate them through physical force or some other means of coercion. It happens all over the world, even in American cities. In Romania, generational poverty, high crime rates and government corruption mean even less protection for vulnerable girls than in many other countries.

The New York Times recently published a profile about one woman’s work to help human trafficking victims in Romania. Her organization offers a safe place for these young girls to recover.

After reading the girls’ stories, a question comes to mind: What is the solution to this crime’s high demand? How can we keep it from happening in the first place?

At Mia’s Children, we believe that stopping the demand for human trafficking in Romania has to begin with change from the inside out.

Criminals can always find their way around laws, and desperation from poverty makes them more willing to do terrible things for cash. What Romania needs is a heart change that helps traffickers and victims alike recognize their need for God. He is the only one who can defeat evil, who can break generational sin and save victims of oppression.

Mia’s Children works with boys and young men to help them know early on that they are loved, forgiven, and special in God’s sight. Thanks to Costel’s hard work in training up young men, we now have older leaders who can give the younger boys a Biblical understanding of right and wrong and teach them how to respect their elders and peers.

This task can be very difficult – boys sometimes arrive at our door having been trained to behave violently, especially against women  – but we have found that a little love goes a long way. And in the end we get to see Romanians who could have fallen into very dangerous lifestyles become Romanians who serve God and honor women.

Enough men like that, and we could see human trafficking end in Romania for good.


Happy Fourth of July from Mia

July 5, 2010

From Mia Scarlat:

Beloved friends,

Happy Independence Day to you!

May always the hand of God be with America!

You are such a wonderful example for the world, for the history of development of the society!

May you always keep your standards up and speak to the world about faith, democracy, liberty!

May God bless America!

We are so proud to be part from your friends. Your help for our country means so much!

Always yours,

Mia’s Children

Ceausescu’s Body to Be Exhumed

June 9, 2010

Arguments over the death of Romania’s most infamous dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, will soon be put to rest.

On Sunday the Austrian Times reported that Ceausescu’s son Valentin has won a four-year court battle for the right to exhume his father’s body in order to answer questions about his parents’ fate.

Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena ran Romania with an iron fist from 1965-1989. Following a violent coup in December of 1989, the couple was arrested and tried. They were executed on Christmas Day, and their bodies were dragged through the streets on national television.

Regardless, rumors have persisted that the couple actually escaped and that two other bodies were buried in their place in Bucharest. Valentin Ceausescu hopes to solve this matter by exhuming his father’s body.

The Grave of Nicolae Ceausescu – Ghencea Civil Cemetery, Bucharest

The first time I traveled to Romania, I was shocked by the aftermath of this powerful couple. It was 2005, over 15 years after the fall of communism, and yet people still referred to events as “before Ceausescu” and “after Ceausescu.”

The revolution, which was in many ways similar to a bloody coup, took the life of Mia’s brother and became a catalyst to her and Costel becoming Christians and starting Mia’s Children.

Indeed, many people’s histories are tied to Nicolae Ceausescu and his assumed death. If for some unlikely reason the myths of his and his wife’s survival are found to be true, the country will need some way to regain the closure they should have had in 1989 – a closure that, in many ways, Romanians would still like to experience fully today.

– Joanna Miller


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