The Difficulties of This Winter

From Mia:    “Like January, February is very dramatic here. Street protests, terrible snowstorms, people dying of exposure to the terrible cold, entire villages isolated under mountains of snow, perpetual uncertainties and a lowering of the standard of living, a government unable to solve the problems of so many people without hope.  These are just some of the daily challenges we are confronted with, here at the Mission.

The cold weather reached minus 30 degrees Celsius, and again, like in the old days, we had ice and snow inside the house. In some places the snow banks reach 6 meteres (18 feet), around us it’s been just 1 meter (3 feet). Schools have been closed several times, as students could not travel due to the extreme snow and cold.

As always here, the authorities have been unable to manage the situation; only God’s mercy complelled some people not to resign themselves into lack of action. In the meanwhile, we have tried to mitigate the effects of the severe weather for the children.

Thank God,  only a few kids had colds, but no serious conditions. Mona was hospitalized for an ear polyp which perforated her ear-drum, got infected, was not correctly diagnosed, so she was in the hospital with Nicoleta for a week. Now she’s well and happy to be rid of the headaches that plagued her for 2 years.

We are in the midst of a rubella epidemic among the kids. However God grantted us a great wish, that of having a pediatrician for the kids who are officially documented.  The lord sent us a female MD willing to follow our children and to sign a contract with us. It remains to be seen if and what we will have to pay for her services.  Anyway, we thank God for the unexpected, marvellous way in which He answered our prayers.”

Major Prayer Request:   Please pray for healing and protection of the children and those who work with them during this difficult winter, and for provision for their daily physical and spiritual needs.


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