Proof of Care

For some time, Mia has been working to get all the legal issues resolved regarding some of the children and their parents who cannot take care of them.  It is difficult and complicated but Mia reports today on the progress she is making.

“We have again contacted Children’s Protective Services, and with the help of Linda, of ‘Family Service” (a foreign foundation trying to introduce to Romania Christian moral values) we now have the assistance of a highly experienced, professional and kind lawyer willing to help us.  We completed endless paperwork, assessments, documents in order to prove that we are caring for five of our children.   It is a lengthy process involving the courts, testimony, etc., but I am determined to continue the fight to legally protect these children from those who believe they are to be used at any time for begging and worse.”

Please pray this weekend and on into the future that Mia and her lawyer will be successful in convincing the government officials that the children are well cared for and better off than on the streets.  Pray also for each of the children as they grow up knowing the love that Mia shares and may that help heal the pain that these young ones have experienced.

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