Happenings at the Mission

Claudia and Bogdan, sponsored by the Blue Heron Foundation in their post-graduate studies finished well the winter session. Magidson, the President of Blue Heron and her staff are highly appreciative of our students’ academic efforts and of their positive attitude.

Nicoleta, Bigo and Gelu are being sponsored by Cassidian for driver’s school.

Simonaa and Georgio Modesti graced us with their presence for two days. Every time they visit they bring gifts from friends–this timeit was skiing costumes and t-shirts. They bought and cooked Italian food. Most of all, they bring much joy to the kids, happy days with steady friends who maintain their relationship with the kids.They will work for a month in Greece, then in Egypt, so they wanted to spend time with the children before their travels.

We are preparing a new painting exhibit and a little talent show for March 7 some of the children’s art works will be offered for sale, which we hope will bring in some extra money.

Another blessing is that the friends who took us to their winter camp last year have invited us again, between Feb. 26 and March 2; they are offering us free lodging, meals and skiing lessons, while we have to insure transportation. We will be sending you pictures of the most memorable moments of this trip.

We thank God for those who have met Mia’s Children and who continue to be so generous with their time and treasures.


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