Daily Archives: April 10, 2012

Art and Souls in Bucharest

March brought with it a couple of art shows presenting Mia’s Children’s paintings.  Here is Mia’s write up of the first show and how the art of children is transforming both the children and the society that has for many years kept them marginalized.  

“On the 7th of March we had a special and blessed art exhibit with an auction . Mr. Duglas took a professional care to organized the art show , to invite people , to entertainment them and to present our association like a special place where the children are educated at high level . Everybody appreciate the way we improve the art in children’s life , a way to find the “treasure “God gave to each of them and make it shine . Dana Moldovan helped us to provide all the art supplies . We had painted over 120 paintings and sold most of them . Plus , more people found about our work and about God .”

Pray for “little” Mihaela – who is seeing a doctor for a problem with her brain; she needs a special treatment

Pray for a safe delivery of baby for Oana (Mia’s daughter-in-law) and a healthy pregnancy for older Mihaela (wife of Gigi).

Pray forRomania and for people to understand better the necessity to be involved in the good of people in need , in education .

Let’s pray together for the societies we live in , for elections and good leaders .

 We thank you and praise Lord for all our work here and for your support .

Blessings ,