Thank you Mia’s Children Foundation!!!!

Dear Friends,

My name is John Ilie, and I’m 19 years old. I came in Mia’s Children about 11 years ago. From that moment my life was so much changed. Years before I had live in a state orphanage, because My family is so, so poor that live underground, in a small place. My family is a gypsy one and it’s so much discriminated. Usually, most of gypsies children abandoned school and became delinquent because the bad choices they make. But, I had the privilege, together my other 8 brothers and sisters to come to Mia’s Children Association. From that moment, our life was so much changed.

Lord has given to me, to us the best opportunity to find a new life, to be educated, to discover the life in a new face, with new people, to pray and follow Jesus. I graduated the high school, I started to love to paint, to play soccer, to volunteer and help other younger children to grow. I found joy, dignity, I found what mean to be loved, accepted and to love, to share. My fears are left behind because I can have a future and no more I have to be afraid of people.
Right now, I can come to visit you, to meet you and I’m so grateful and proud to be together. I just wait to see you face to face, to thank you for all the support you have given to me during 11 years. I want to look into your eyes and tell you: “Thank You, from the bottom of my heart!” Thank you to our American friends, to so many brothers and sisters in The Lord!!!

Your help, support had change life to many children like me!!!
I just wait to express my gratitude to you through my paintings, to understand what mean to be surrounded by Friends, truly parents.

May Lord continue to bless you and give you peace, joy, health, strength, everything you need and deserve for the long time good work in the benefit of Romanian children and to myself!

With deep respect,
John Ilie

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