Snow Skiing and Chicken Pox

Over the next few posts, I will be sharing with you Mia’s March report on the mission activities and prayer requests for her and the children.

“Beloved Friends of Mia ‘s Children , “Grace be unto you , and peace , from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ,  I thank my God always on your behalf , for the grace of God which is given you by Jesus Christ That in everything we are enriched by Him , in all utterance and in all knowledge”  –  this Scripture is the special word God has for each of you coming from the mission from Romania .

God is taking a special care by His beloved children . The blessings are pouring over us and we give thanks and glory for all.

We started March being in a camp at the mountains -a camp for skiing offered to us freely by Mr. Marinescu and some of his friends -they pay for hotel and food together  Catalin and his brother ,Costy -the owners of a skiing camp-they allowed us to have free skiing lessons , to take the skii elevator for free ;some of his teachers -great friends and special people offered to our children classes of free skiing and a special friendship .Thank you to all those who offered us such a blessed time in the middle of snow storms , of beautiful mountains in a very hard winter time .Beyond of everything we could fell God’s protection .

When we came back , we were in a middle of an epidemic of small chicken pots , but the kids could go through only with high fever , not other problems .

Please , pray for the process we started to take the 5 children who are in danger from their Mom .Will be a long fight , but we are in God’s peace and we don’t want top separated the kids from the parents , but also , we cannot let the little one be used for bagging , for so many bad things .

Please , pray for “little” Nicoleta-the doctor found some nodules on her thyroid gland and doesn’t feel well. Next week we’ll have the results of the tests and the doctor will tell if she need treatment or surgery .  Praise Lord , John is Okay with the thyroid gland , despite the initial predictions .”    (Mia)


The Difficulties of This Winter

From Mia:    “Like January, February is very dramatic here. Street protests, terrible snowstorms, people dying of exposure to the terrible cold, entire villages isolated under mountains of snow, perpetual uncertainties and a lowering of the standard of living, a government unable to solve the problems of so many people without hope.  These are just some of the daily challenges we are confronted with, here at the Mission.

The cold weather reached minus 30 degrees Celsius, and again, like in the old days, we had ice and snow inside the house. In some places the snow banks reach 6 meteres (18 feet), around us it’s been just 1 meter (3 feet). Schools have been closed several times, as students could not travel due to the extreme snow and cold.

As always here, the authorities have been unable to manage the situation; only God’s mercy complelled some people not to resign themselves into lack of action. In the meanwhile, we have tried to mitigate the effects of the severe weather for the children.

Thank God,  only a few kids had colds, but no serious conditions. Mona was hospitalized for an ear polyp which perforated her ear-drum, got infected, was not correctly diagnosed, so she was in the hospital with Nicoleta for a week. Now she’s well and happy to be rid of the headaches that plagued her for 2 years.

We are in the midst of a rubella epidemic among the kids. However God grantted us a great wish, that of having a pediatrician for the kids who are officially documented.  The lord sent us a female MD willing to follow our children and to sign a contract with us. It remains to be seen if and what we will have to pay for her services.  Anyway, we thank God for the unexpected, marvellous way in which He answered our prayers.”

Major Prayer Request:   Please pray for healing and protection of the children and those who work with them during this difficult winter, and for provision for their daily physical and spiritual needs.


Painting and Prayer

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.
3 John 1:2

Lord we ask for mercy on Mia’s health as she struggles with the fracture in her inner ear. Give her the capacity to hear well and to continue serving you with her body. Give any doctors who examine her wisdom in how or if to proceed with any treatment. And if at all possible, we ask for you to heal her completely. Amen.

Meet Our Doctors

Open Door Medical Clinic – Bucharest

Did you know Mia’s Children has our very own medical team?

Okay, well not exactly, but we do have a special place to take the kids if they get sick or need checkups.

Drs. Linda and Milt Hanson, a US couple, run a medical mission in Bucharest called Open Door Medical Center.

From their website:

Situated in the city of Bucharest, capital of Romania, Open Door Medical Center is a full-service family medicine clinic that primarily serves low-income Romanians, gypsies, and refugees from Africa and the Middle East. Services include prenatal care and well-child care, geriatrics, and preventive care. The medical staff includes Drs. Milton and Linda Hanson, associate professors with University of Minnesota School of Medicine.

Most patients are very low-income Romanians, many of whom make less than $40 per month. The Romanian government provides no safety net medical care, and most low-income persons simply go without, but for the charity care offered at Open Door.

Refugees from Africa, and Iraqis and Iranians living in Romania also frequent Open Door Medical Center, as do some Americans and Western Europeans living in Romania.

Open Door’s two physicians are a husband and wife team. Milton and Linda Hanson are associate professors with University of Minnesota School of Medicine.They first came to Romania in 1994, learned the Romanian language, received their hard-won Romanian medical licenses, and then initiated the Open Door Medical Foundation in 1997.

For many years Mia has been able to bring the children and her own family to the center for quality, compassionate health care. What a blessing in a country with overburdened medical programs and a struggling economy.

Learn more about Open Door Medical Center and how you could get involved with their work.

Prayers – and Prayer Requests

Some prayers and prayer requests from Mia:

“I continue to be inspired by what God showed me in spite of all the trials we have to go through. In the same time, we look at what happened in the world and we see Japan many other places and we realize again that the world has to come back to God, as the only hope for the future. Let’s pray and work together and look forward, to build bridges between people from different parts of the world, as all need God .

As we are waiting to again celebrate Easter, let’s take inside of our hearts and souls Jesus’ death and resurrection and continue to march with Him in the world. Together with Him we are strong!

Romania is passing through very difficult times, like all the world. What’s worst is that many people lost their hopes: the suicide rate it’s incredibly high, more people are depressed, many are sick with diseases resulting from poverty, malnutrition, a lack of medicine being available, proper food and hygiene products scarce.

For us it became more difficult to keep going with our mission as the dollar continues to be devalued in time when the prices are continually going up. There are days when we don’t know how to manage the situation other than to pray and look forward. In spite of everything, we are optimistic and this is encouraging other people to know and understand “our key “. We witness in this way what we know the best: ‘all things are possible with God!’ ”

Please, pray for:

  • Revival across the world;
  • People who  are going through sorrow over losing family, friends, property;
  • Financial provision to pay the bills, need expenses for keeping the kids, meeting ever-rising living expenses;
  • Health for Mia and all the kids: for Oana, Mario, Gabriela, Nicoleta who are quite ill right now

We thank you for making a way for us in these difficult times. Your help, support, prayers, encouragements mean so much to us. Blessings and much love to all of you.


Wolf Children

(The following update from Bucharest tells the story of two new members from the “wolf group” of children –  arrivals at the mission who Mia and the rest of the association have very courageously taken in. Please consider their plight in your prayers this week. They represent exactly why Mia’s Children exists.)

◊ ◊ ◊

In times of concerns and social, economical, moral crises when people are so much focused on their own drama, trying to find answers to so many questions, God is giving us grace, prosperity, meeting His promises for us: “Don’t be afraid, I am with you !”

And He is!

Romania is going crazy through all this: the school system, the medical care, the social policy and not only these, are not covering the real life and the results are a disaster. More kids are abandoning school, all types of viruses are going around, and there are no medicines, no money, no proper education in school–the society seems that it is asleep.

But in spite of this, the Lord is giving us a special vision to redeem, to rebuild, to refill the precious spirits and hearts of those who are brought into our work. That’s why we accepted two more children, coming from” the wolf group”, Bogdan and Emi. At the age of 8 they look like 4-year olds, mal-nutitioned. Wild an scary as they lived for months and months in a place where they imitated the way beasts are walking and speaking.

It’s incredible how children can survive with no love, no care in this moment in the society and how they can try to survive, having refuge among animals, who became a kind of family for them. The first days they were speaking in strange language, imitating the sounds of animals. And it required great courage for Costi and Oana to bring them inside the group, to clean out their lice, to try to calm them and cut their wild hair, and to give them the first bath….the words are too poor, sometimes ….

It is tremendous to see how hard it has been for them, and also for the group, to all of us to change their habits. The kids are trying to adjust their new life, including the new boys. We notice the great progress the two boys are making in one month: they started to love to play with other children, to speak, to listen and respect simple rules, to take baths, to stay dressed.

They still are rocking back and forth and sucking their thumbs, and they want to be taken in your arms as babies, emitting different sounds that have no meaning for us. They started to love to be hugged and touched, and looking at the rest of the group, they want to start to write. Emi drew his first tiny house and gave it to Mia, telling her how much he loves her. He also hangs on Oana’s feet, and we discovered that one of his legs is shorter than the other. Please pray for these children and us to continue to improve their lives.

All of this is possible because God loves each of us so much, because of each of you who are praying, giving, trusting, helping to design a vision for a better tomorrow. This can be a way for a better society, an answer for a safer world, where love and peace and understanding and supporting can take place and help human beings to live in harmony with God and each other, rebuilding the moral fiber of God’s creation.

Thank you for your faithfulness and dedication, for your supporting Mia’s Children!

Update on Mia

Please continue to pray for Mia. She has returned from Italy and is doing fine. The trip went safely and was informative, but now she will need further testing and possibly more medical attention later.

We’re sorry we can’t give more details but we want to wait until we know with more certainty what is afflicting her and what will need to be done.

In the meantime, we ask for your prayers in three ways:

  • For Mia to be encouraged and sustained through this process.
  • For Mia’s health to be restored in the coming days.
  • That God would grant strength and wisdom to Costi, Oana, and the rest of the staff and volunteers at Mia’s Children who have been helping Mia shoulder the burden in the past few weeks.

Thank you for your support! If you would like to send a message to Mia or to Mia’s Children and want to make sure it gets to them, just leave a message in the comments and we’ll pass it along.

Pray for Mia

Mia is flying to Milan today to see a doctor about some problems with her ear that might be very complicated. She has seen numerous doctors in Romania to no avail, and now she has the chance to get a firm diagnosis through a specialist.

Our great thanks to friends from Switzerland who took it upon themselves to find a doctor and fly her to Italy!

Please pray that the doctors will know what to do and how to help her. Please also pray for Costi and Oana – Mia’s son and daughter-in-law – as they temporarily lead the mission while Mia is away.

Mia is in great spirits. She writes, “Through faith we are confident that His plan for us is beyond what we can imagine, and even through pain and suffering His glory is perfect.”