Update on the Mission – Younger Children

Mia writes: 

Gabriela received a new international prize at a creativity contest, “Little bag of Talents”; at the tender age of 10, she has accumulated over     15 national and international prizes, another way of demonstrating the progress made by the educational system practiced here at the Mission.

The evaluations by teachers at the kindergarten and school levels are uniformly at the highest levels.

We have weekly Bible study and are seeing many of the children making remarkable cognitive, emotional, motivational progress.
And yet, you can see in their eyes the fear of the past, their insecurities, their lack of ability to grasp things that should have been learned well before now. These deep wounds can only be helped by time and by God, who can mend crushed souls. ”

Please pray for the youngsters at the mission and especially for Mia’s energy as she works with so many children at once.  Ask God to provide her the time she needs with each child and the rest she needs as His child.