Fall Newsletter

Below is the text of the Fall Newsletter.  This is the first of our weekly updates.  Being new at this, we hope you will be patient as we learn to use the system and enhancements.   Each week we will tell you about something going on at the mission or if appropriate, we will tell you about changes going on in Romania.  Please feel free to share this post with friends and family.  Mia’s Children can be contacted by email at or by calling Joan Castle, President at 901-481-5441.

The World of Music Wins!

Nica, who just graduated from high school, did very well in her testing and has been accepted into the National University of Music in Bucharest.  She began her classes on October 2nd.

Years ago, Nica (which is short for Nicoleta) was allowed to visit Mia’s Children for the summer with her brother Jon.  She begged to stay but was required to return to the public orphanage where she had been placed.  Mia and Costel worked with the orphanage personnel and months later she was brought to Mia’s Children where she remained.  This was such an important moment in the life of this child!

Nica has plans to impact Romania and that includes being a music teacher and conductor. Through Mia’s Children, Nica, auditioned and sang as a member of The Romanian Children’s Radio Choir which was founded in 1945, and is one of the most outstanding children’s choirs in Romania.  Going to Music School is a dream come true for Nica — a victory for Romania — and what Mia’s Children is all about…

“Through the power of the Gospel, we aim to  equip, empower and raise up the

voiceless children of Bucharest – thereby presenting the love of Jesus Christ to Romania.”



 The Board along with Mia and all the children want to thank all of you who participated in the Art From The Heart fundraiser in August.  Special thanks to Linda and Bob Miller who came in from Arizona to serve; Talana Patterson who created and donated the beautiful centerpieces; St. Patrick Presbyterian Church for providing advertising and support; and for all the servers and planners who made last minute adjustments to make the event happen.

Most importantly, the Board wants to thank all of you who came to the event, committed to support us financially for the next year (over $10,000) and enjoyed the evening of art and celebration of the 20th year of Mia’s Children.  The successes we see day to day are all because you care and we thank you for your support!



“We thank Mia’s Children Foundation, to its founders and every friend who thinks, acts, help, pray thereby fulfilling the commandments of Jesus.

The harvest season began. The Lord speaks so well of the fruits that we collect as a result of our work as Christians. That’s why we bring glory and thanks to Him for the 20 years since Mia’s Children Foundation exist in the US, created by the Castle family to which friends were added. People with big souls who believe in the power of love, which helps socially disadvantaged children, orphans, those to suffer, here in Romania.

What a wonderful testimony of faith, what a declaration of love over physical and time barriers written and read at candle light and Divine Love given to people in times in which the gap between beliefs, social systems, economic and political deepen.

Returned home, I hit another facet of reality… preparation for a new school year involving uniforms, school supplies, backpacks school, books, shoes, clothes, new requirements imposed by each school, for each student.  And believe me it is hard when you have to multiply each care 40 times. Daily I ran with children to do medical tests, because I wanted to know if TB returned.  Findings: Many children need iron, are carrying golden staph, hemolytic staph, high ASLO and some of them are having intestinal parasites. We will see what treatment the doctor prescribes. I was sent home with vitamins, so the children started the vitamin treatment.

With Rachel’s help we could buy some of the needed school supplies, others were donated by different persons so that each child has a backpack and books necessary for the beginning of the school year. Thank you Rachel and to all our friends!

Like any story, end of summer was a celebration of joy, in which we sang and danced in the gentle autumn sun in the Japanese Garden of Herastrau.  People that came to the park remained enthusiastic and excited about the diverse talents of our children: singing, dancing, improvisation, theater play… an explosion of life that is coming from the love of some people to help these kids discover a safety life, education, love and trust in our Savior Jesus Christ.

We are continuing praying for the founders and our friends from America, thanking everyone for their constant support.  May God bless you and bring you peace, tranquility and prosperity across America and Romania!”

Love,  Mia


Coming Next MonthThe story of Matthew and Mona – An Inspiration for many people!

Romania’s National Anthem

Romanians have sung “Deșteaptă-te, române” at revolutionary events since the 1848 revolution against the Habsburg empire. It aided them in their fight against the Nazis and served as a symbol of the former way of life during decades of dictatorship.

The song, which translates “Awaken Thee, Romanian,” was outlawed under Communism and became a call to arms for protestors and rebels in 1989. Shortly after the fall of Communism, it became the national anthem.

Read the lyrics with English translation here, and listen to the song below:


You Can Make the Difference

Last Thursday in Bucharest, Mia’s Children Romania was honored with a film premiere, art exhibit and concert. The event raised funds and awareness for the organization.

The documentary film’s Romanian title is “Tu poti face diferenta!” (“You Can Make the Difference!”).

According to Mia, the movie begins with a segment about the crisis of Romanian children: young beggars, homeless gypsy children, and life on the streets.

But then a gate opens and viewers enter the yard at Mia’s Children’s current house. The rest of the film focuses on the work we do and the possibility of change for the children of Romania. Our children speak about their experiences coming from the streets to Mia’s Children, and some politicians and celebrities chime in as well.

Mia saw the film for the first time on Thursday. “During the movie all the people were so silent and you could see many tears in the eyes,” she said. “Many confessed after that the movie touched their hearts very deep. Of course I cried a lot – you know me!”

Mia hopes to send the film our way when it is finished.  We would love to see it, and to share it with our supporters and friends. We’ll let you all know as we learn more about the project.