Costel Scarlat

This afternoon, nighttime in Romania, Costel Scarlat went to be with God.

Please pray for Mia and the children. We will update you as we know more.

If you would like to send a message to Mia, feel free to write on our Facebook page, leave a comment on this post, or contact us by e-mail. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Great News!

Mia’s test results have come back, and it’s not cancer!

She was thrilled to share the news:

“You can imagine how happy I am, how grateful and sure that God has a plan for us. The Satan wanted to put me down , but I didn’t have fear, I was positive and I told to my Lord that I’m willing to fulfill His plan for us with no comment.”

She will have further tests this week to determine what can be done for her spine, which is the area where they are seeing problems.

We thank God with you for this update, and for the relief that Mia feels, and we will continue to update you as we hear more.

Press Release: Beware of Fraudulent Volunteers!

Romania Mia’s Children Association wants to warn people of some situations in which false “volunteers” organize fundraising campaigns on behalf of the association.

In case you have any doubts about a volunteer or program’s involvement with Mia’s Children Association, we kindly request that you contact the association in order to verify the person and initiative in question. Contact details: 0765.67.33.85; 0726.77.22.82.

American supporters can also reach us via this website’s contact page.

Mia’s Children Association must approve any fundraising or promotion of the association’s image in advance, and all initiatives can be easily checked by contacting the association.

We particularly appreciate the reporting of any cases in which the name or image of the association could be fraudulently involved.

  • La comunicat se mai zice si pur si simplu press sau handout
  • La nr de tel eu as trece +40765.67.33.85; +40726.77.22.82.

– Mia’s Children Association in Romania

A Letter From Mia’s Children – Romania

Dear Friends,

With God’s grace we can again be in touch with you, praising our Lord because He is faithful and so good with all of us.  We are amazed to see that God will do above all one can ask or think, even in the little steps of life and even in little private desires… He is providing abundantly for those who are connected with Him.  We have been experiencing this wonderful Scriptural truth, especially during the last two months.

Even though times here in Romania, as throughout the world, are very difficult and the crisis continues—lack of jobs,  hopelessness, great disappointments—God is giving us the assurance of His presence and the vision to continue the work we do; He is bringing people around us who are willing to help and support us.  Individuals or groups from both Romania and other parts, together with Mia’s Children Foundation, Rotary Club, Adobe Foundation, KBFUS Foundation, ING, Madison Advisors, Transylvania Bank, BCR Bank, are among some of them (please excuse us if we do not mention all of you, but we so appreciate you and are grateful for your support). 

In all our activities we can clearly see the good results in different ways:  we were able to build another needed storage room; we created a garden with a water fountain, eating area; a family of plastic ducks & ducklings; a peacock; a small playhouse & slide—it has given the kids a delightful way to imagine they are part of a happy fairy tale in their own yard, with even a small patch of green grass and flowers.

Many new games and some sport activities are giving the children a special meaning and importance in their daily lives.  The activities the children do in the added back room of the house, which is for studies and projects ( we wrote about it in an earlier newsletter), have been enhanced by the outdoor fun they now have in the new garden area.  Now God is enabling us to develop creative ideas for school curriculum, etc..

Around Eastertime we were given a special dinner by the owners of XANADU Restaurant here in Bucharest.  We thank you so much for the dinner prepared so graciously for us.  During the past two months also other people came to us— like Tedy and Anda, Simona and Georgio, Alex and his group of motorcyclists, Jonathan and Ralucka, etc..  Thank you all so much for your care.

We want to thank Mr. Ovidiu Hagima for the movie he made with Mihaela and Elena, two  young enthusiastic artists,  about Mia’s Children.  They are making a documentary movie about how you can serve needy children and change their lives,  turning them from darkness to light through faith, art, caring showing that humanity has a choice and a hope for the future.  We thank Mr. Hagima for the courage and commitment he had to take with him to Iraq 47 pieces of the children’s artwork, making an exhibit illustrating the truth of the words above.

For us knowing God is so very important, and we are doing a Bible study entitled I AM, the “I AM” words of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John.  To know God in an intimate way is the key of success for a changed life, and if we look back where we started with the kids, we see there is success with the kids because we all have an intimate, daily relationship with God.

We want to thank all of you for your financial support for the kids, and for both Costel and Mia.

Prayer requests for:

 *a new home

 *constant support of friends

 *for good health and encouragement

 *a message sent to the world through the fruits of the children’s lives

 We thank you and bless you in the Name of the Lord!

                                Mia’s Children

The Volcanic Ash Cloud Over Romania

If you are like me, I have been concerned about Mia’s Children after hearing about the Icelandic volcano ash cloud covering Europe.  In fact, we have neighbors who went to the Ukraine on a mission trip and have been delayed coming home.  So, here is a short update on how Bucharest and the rest of Romania is fairing. 

The English/Romanian newspaper, NINE O’CLOCK, reported Monday morning that Romanian air space would remain closed until noon.  Romanian Air space was closed Saturday at 6 p.m. as the cloud of ash covered Romanian territory by 9 p.m., at an altitude of 6 to 10,000 metres. 

“The cloud of volcanic ash is currently covering the entire Romanian territory, but there is no excess in maximum admissible polluting substances recorded and there are no problems as regards air quality, so we have no special recommendations for the population,” Prime Minister Boc reported.

Time will tell if the sky will be clear enough for flights out of Romania to land in other airports across Europe. 

I have requested a first hand account from our on-sight reporter at Mia’s Children.

For the full article…..http://www.nineoclock.ro/index.php?issue=4662&page=detalii&categorie=homenews&id=20100419-12887


Greetings in our dear Lord Jesus!  Because we are in the midst of another blizzard, I was unable to go to Mia’s today; the roads are in bad condition.  But Mia and I had a very good phone conversation.

I see a definite deeper hunger and thirst for the Lord, the Word, prayer growing among them at Mia’s. She tells me how she continues to seek the Lord.  The atmosphere in the house seems loving and united, and even the 2 dogs are peaceful, especially the large Boxer-type one, Sarah by name; She’s so gentle.  We have delightful Bible study together each week with the young children, the staff that’s at the house (Luminita, mom of 4 of the kids who works & lives there, is becoming so lovely), and Mia.  It’s a precious time!  I gave Mia an anointed Bible study “I AM”, the 7 claims of Jesus in the Gospel of John, which they really like. She said last night, when she was very tired having been for medical tests among other trials all day (including being without gas power in the house), the young people insisted on having the study, and they read, prayed, pondered together “Jesus, the Bread of Life” and “Jesus, the Light of the World.”  A couple of the teens confessed sins & repented, one boy of having taken some money that wasn’t his and one of the girls, asking forgiveness for the sin of anger she shows from time to time. The teenage boy is a prodigal, so to speak, who had left & with tears pleaded to come back, and now the Lord is really changing him. Mia said it was a most blessed time!  She has mentioned that several times.

I have not seen Costel for some weeks, as he stays mostly upstairs & does work up there,  but Mia says though still weak, at this time he’s doing better, day by day. Some of the younger children like to go up and take their naps with him. The Lord surely is a Miracle Worker, working wonders by His divine grace upon grace, like John 1:16.  Also, Costel is drinking fresh-squeezed juices daily, which Luminita prepares, and that can be so physically healing.  I know you are continuing in prayer for him, too.

Mia has really needed some medical tests to check her health, also a thorough eye exam and new glasses; one lense has been cracked for some months now… wearing glasses myself, I imagine that is a real eye strain for her.  This past week she realized she must go in and have some of these tests, and the partial results showed her state of health not good, really needs attention.  She needs to have blood work done, check up regarding her heart condition, difficult breathing, high sugar; the doctor was not at all happy with the results so far.  She needs to see a good internist, maybe Dr. Milt or Linda Hanson, or whom they suggest right away,  and begin some treatment. The testing here is expensive, and what the cost might be is not known yet.  I surely wish I could help more. Mia really doesn’t complain, but I think her body is telling her she must attend to it and NOW.  Please pray and if some souls have the Lord’s burden to help, I believe He would be very pleased.

One thing that has added to stress was that last week the mom, brother, and little Florica Valeria (the very sick, dear little baby, who had come to Mia’s and was doing so well until the mom asked to take her back…this at the “father’s” insistence) called for help, asking Mia to help them find a decent living condition.  To make a long story short, Mia and 2 of the older boys from Mia’s and several police went to where the above 3 were living.  Mia was nearly overcome with grief seeing the despicable conditions, beyond anything she said she could imagine.  She went to the Child Protection Headquarters, trying to get help, and none was available.  She realized she cannot do anything to help nor to get little Florica back apart from fervent prayer…and continuing asking for God’s mercy.  She saw many, many little ones and teens, along with adults, living in these wretched conditions that really affected her.  Yet I believe at the same time she is re-inspired to train up those the Lord by the Holy Spirit has brought to her and Costel…to train them up to know, love, serve Jesus and know who they are and can be, transformed by Him and His love.

To Him be ALL the glory!!!

Welcome to Our New Site!

In case you haven’t noticed, things look a little different around here.

We have a whole new, redesigned website! And we hope you like it!

I want quickly to introduce you to a few new features:

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Feel free to look around using the tabs at the top of the page! We truly hope you enjoy exploring all that this new site has to offer.


Joanna and the Mia’s Children Team


Beloved Friends and Faithful Supporters,

After experiencing Jesus’ birth at Christmastime, with all the joy and with many people around who wanted to bless the children through their generosity, then in January God allowed us to extend our experience of faith in Him.

Right now, looking back, we can confess and praise God who showed us that even when you are down, sick, He is faithful and never lets you down. We just passed through a couple trying weeks with 17 children sick with chickenpox, high fevers, irritating spots both inside and outside, and all giving a rather pitiful picture of what the body can handle. But no matter, we continued by the grace of God to function, work, to be blessed and to bless. And only little Mario had to be hospitalized because he just couldn’t breathe, endangering his life. But in this way we again received a wonderful lesson of life according to what God is teaching and showing us. In times when the body is weak or failing, the spirit can grow stronger and the soul can become more appreciative. In all this time God sent us His angels to protect, to encourage, and to give us goals for tomorrow. In this way we continually blessed by the Foundation Mia’s Children, by the friends from ING, Rotary, other friends who are trying to provide a support, encouragement, love, by Carol and her church praying for us…so many caring friends.

Through two of our friends–Mirela and Nely–a Romanian diplomat, Mr. Ovidiu who works in Iraq (the Council of the European Union) came and was very impressed by the paintings made by our children, by the grace of God. And he made a project in which he wants to involve exhibiting our paintings in some cities in the world, letting the creativity of the kids speak to betterment of the world. He wants the gifts God gave these children through art to speak for them a hope of a better future in the world. This will create bridges around the world, he believes, and in different societies, like Iraq, United States, so on. We are honored to represent Romania because it is a way to display how God has put in these children His gifts, with seeds planted, and we all together help them grow and be fruitful. So it is not only about art; it’s about something beyond–the love of God to and through His children and all His people who answer the commandment to love one another, instead of despising and/or giving no hope for the hopeless. It shows the agape love of Jesus in action.

We praise God and thank you for the wonderful team we all together are in caring, educating, growing, transforming, & building the true character of each child. To help the kids understand and develop their qualities we continue to study the Bible and the truths God teaches there, and it’s awesome to see how they understand better how to live honest and wholesome lives, no matter what the circumstances are.
Each child has his own responsibilities in participating in maintaining the house, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and clothes…but at the same time, they started to paint in the evenings, after their homework, and it’s amazing what God is developing in them– their imaginations, their skills, their creativity. Looking at their painting gives an overflow of the love and expression of the joy of our work together, including each of you.

As you know, our son Costi built a room on the back of the house, where there had been a porch. We very much needed this room after we realized that we could not put the 9 little kids in school. I have been teaching them at home, and this room has truly been a God-send. When the older children come home from school to do their homework, the little ones play there; in the morning we have our kindergarten class there. In this way we joyfully use this additional space. God provided almost all the furnishings. What a blessing the additional space is, and what a testimony it is that through faith in God all things are possible.

We have a good report regarding Costel’s health. He is stable right now and full of hope and faith. He is on a strict diet. But more than that, he is grateful for your prayers and thanks each of you.

Here are some prayer request; please pray for:
* Everyday guidance and a deep relation with God through Jesus.
* Sponsors and supporters, as the world crisis is greatly effecting our budget.
* New glasses for the kids and Mia.
* Strength and health for all of us…it has become a problem to maintain health needs for Costel, Mia, and the children.
* God to bring new opportunities to manage the activities, the budget, the costs, needed additional help.
* Us to continue to be joyful, thankful, and content in our life and work through God.

Thank you so much for all your love, caring, prayer.

Mia’s Children

Winter News

It’s bitter cold and snowy in Bucharest. They are having a blizzard with the temps in 0 – 8 degrees Farenheit. Roads are quite bad according to the news.

Even though still very weak, Costel is up and about, pressing on, drinking healthy juices fresh-squeezed, and other things on his diet. He is very thin, but has a desire to go on…PTL!

Nicoleta had another surgery on her knee, and I pray the healing will be good and complete this time.

They are growing in a hunger for the Lord and Word as Mia says she so wants them strong in the Lord. Please keep praying for this direction and commitment and above all, for the reality of the Lord in lives as they study, pray, etc. together to know, love, serve Jesus. He is working!