Our Work

Provide educational support and funding

Before joining Mia’s Children, many of our youth had never been to school or they attended irregularly. Romanian law requires a birth certificate to enter school, but several children do not have birth certificates because they were born outside of a hospital. Other children have no funds for school supplies and books.

We fund the school supplies, and through a long process, we also secure birth certificates for the children who have never had one. We assist each child through tutoring, and our work has been so successful that teachers sometimes refer students to Mia, hoping she can take them in!

For those children who cannot go to school yet, Mia and Costel teach them privately so that they will be prepared to enter when they can. Mia teaches liberal and fine arts while Costel teaches math and science (he is an engineer, after all!).

Advocate for gypsy children

The Roma people group, or gypsies, are often treated poorly in Romanian society, and their opportunities for work and education are quite limited.

We work with educators and community groups to ensure that our children – and their families, in some cases – receive equal education and are given all of the resources needed to break the cycle of poverty.

Provide health care and daily support of physical needs

The children who come to us are sometimes in terrible physical condition, with problems ranging from lice to malnutrition to systemic infections, hepatitis and other ailments.

We make sure that each child receives proper health care and regular check-ups.

We also provide well-balanced meals, snacks and vitamins. And we give each child proper toiletry items and teach them health and hygiene from their first day at Mia’s Children.

Offer mental and emotional care

Sadly, many of our children come from dangerous and unstable families. From physical abuse and sexual abuse to forced prostitution, drug sales and begging, they often struggle to survive at home or have no home at all.

The emotional and physical scars left behind are a major hindrance to their growth and development as happy, healthy human beings.

Mia’s Children provides counseling and personal mentorship. Whenever possible, we reach out to the parents as well. We want to bring holistic healing to the family – we hope one day not to have to be a safe-haven at all!

Encourage and lead extracurricular training and development

Mia’s Children provides daily tutoring, art classes, music training, sports and outings, writing, language classes and drama games. These activities give the children the chance to play together and learn how to treat each other.

It also gives them an emotional outlet while enriching their education and developing their natural skills. Our children have received scholarships to arts colleges and have had national success in sports, art and music!

Give spiritual encouragement and teaching

Through Scripture reading and prayer, the children grow in love for God and learn respect for themselves Home, by Marinelaand for each other

This is a very important element of our work, because we believe that without it we would never have seen the transformations that have already occurred in our children.

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