Mia’s Children has accomplished a lot in a few years:

  • All of our children are following school at their specific age level.
  • The students who have graduated from high school through Mia’s Children have entered undergraduate programs or skill schools.
  • The students who have graduated from skill schools support themselves and are becoming fully integrated into society.
  • In the 2008-2009 school year, 8 of our youth received educational awards.
  • 12 have received awards in national art competitions.
  • 8 have been accepted into the Romanian Radio Children’s Choir.
  • Artwork by children in the organization has been exhibited in Romania, USA, Sweden and Switzerland.
  • Mia’s Children has appeared in numerous publications and on Romanian television and the children have performed as a choir for many galas and special events.
  • The children have been honored by Romanian and foreign dignitaries, including Princess Margareta of Romania.

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