Meet Our Doctors

Open Door Medical Clinic – Bucharest

Did you know Mia’s Children has our very own medical team?

Okay, well not exactly, but we do have a special place to take the kids if they get sick or need checkups.

Drs. Linda and Milt Hanson, a US couple, run a medical mission in Bucharest called Open Door Medical Center.

From their website:

Situated in the city of Bucharest, capital of Romania, Open Door Medical Center is a full-service family medicine clinic that primarily serves low-income Romanians, gypsies, and refugees from Africa and the Middle East. Services include prenatal care and well-child care, geriatrics, and preventive care. The medical staff includes Drs. Milton and Linda Hanson, associate professors with University of Minnesota School of Medicine.

Most patients are very low-income Romanians, many of whom make less than $40 per month. The Romanian government provides no safety net medical care, and most low-income persons simply go without, but for the charity care offered at Open Door.

Refugees from Africa, and Iraqis and Iranians living in Romania also frequent Open Door Medical Center, as do some Americans and Western Europeans living in Romania.

Open Door’s two physicians are a husband and wife team. Milton and Linda Hanson are associate professors with University of Minnesota School of Medicine.They first came to Romania in 1994, learned the Romanian language, received their hard-won Romanian medical licenses, and then initiated the Open Door Medical Foundation in 1997.

For many years Mia has been able to bring the children and her own family to the center for quality, compassionate health care. What a blessing in a country with overburdened medical programs and a struggling economy.

Learn more about Open Door Medical Center and how you could get involved with their work.

House Progress

Mia and some of the children, ready to move!

We’re making progress!

Mia says that the house is now finished on the outside and they are beginning work on the inside!

In fact, they are hoping to move everyone in around the middle of December so that they can be in their new home for Christmas.

In order to move in fully, Mia and the rest need an incredible amount of furniture and other supplies, including:

  • tools for kitchen
  • plates
  • blankets
  • sheets
  • carpets
  • bedroom furniture
  • living room furniture
  • shelving
  • tables
  • desks
  • sofa

Fortunately they already have help securing an oven and washing machine.

If you would like to help cover some of these costs, please contact us or make a donation! We will have a lot of options to give this holiday season, and we hope that you will keep Mia in your prayers and consider the new house in your Christmas gift plans!

Below we include some thoughts from Mia on the new home:

May our Lord be with you in all His glory!

The house it’s finished outside and soon will be inside!!! It’s incredible! God is so, so good!!!

The kids¬† are so happy. They just wait to be in the new place, not because they don’t like here, but because that will be the place where they’ll continue to grow, a stable home!!!

Well, I hardly can imagine that we’ll be in such a huge home!!!

I remember when Joan asked me to dream big!!! 12 years ago, I even didn’t know to dream!!!

Day by day Lord taught me to dream and you helped me to dream and fulfill the dream!!! I pray for stable place for the kids 12 years!!! Look where we are!!!! I’m so, so grateful for all what we received all these years what we had learn! It’s a story of life, of faith, of walking with Lord, learning to dream, reaching people at the Truth for the glory of God.

It’s awesome !!!

Please, help us to purchase some furniture for the rooms, carpets, plates, blankets, everything would be possible.

The owner of the place would like to be finished everything before Christmas and the kids to sleep inside starting with the 17th of December!!!! So, we need to move fast!!!

All our love and thanks, a lot of miss for you!

Blessings from Oana and Costy
Mia and all